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The Doctrine of Signatures

Robert Leib (2016/2018)

"The Doctrine of Signatures, known by only a few from the earliest ages, is often associated with the teachings of Paracelsus, for it runs like a thread through his writings. In brief, it means that inner or invisible ever presses it character, or stamps its signatures, upon the outer or visible. The word 'signature' is derived from the Latin signare, which means to sign. The word 'doctrine' is derived from the Latin docere, to teach. The doctrine of signatures, therefore, is that which is taught concerning the marks placed upon all creatures and things by stellar influences. Just as the phrenologist can diagnose a man's character from the shape of his head, the identity of all things can be recognized by the mark placed, or signature impressed on them, by invisible things."

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Atlantis: The Lost Continent

Robert Leib with Lauren Guilmette (2018)

Plato's dialogue about Atlantis, the Critias, is here imaged by Robert Leib, a South Floridian photographer, employing street photography in combination with the collage work of Lauren Guilmette, a south Floridian visual artist.

"In 'Atlantis: The Lost Continent', I explore the mythological potential of photographs, which can be described more as a brand of the 'iconic' rather than documentary, illustrative, or merely representative. An ancient myth, which was of an ancient time even when Plato wrote it, is paired with images of the historical, commercial, and artistic aspects of the Atlantic coastal region in Florida ultimately to ask: WHEN is the time and space of myth?

All photos taken in Florida, USA, 2016-18.

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Our Nation's Capital: Primary Season 2016

Robert Leib and Lauren Guilmette (2017)

Paired with a selection from Barack Obama's Final State of the Union, these photographs are a pre-'post-truth' document of the social landscape in Washington, D.C. between February 1-April 30, 2016.

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52nd & Lancaster

Robert Leib (2014) 

"This is my morning commute: down Baltimorre Avenue in West Philadelphia to 52nd Street, and then north until I reach Lancaster Avenue. I take Lancaster west, passing into Philadelphia's mainline suburbs at City Avenue. Sometimes, I am afraid I will stoppp noticing important details altogether."

52nd & Lancaster is a slit-scan photo documentation of my morning commute from West Philadelphia through its 'mainline' suburbs along Lancaster Avenue, a section of America's first trans-continental highway.

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Andres Zuniga (2014)

In this singular work, Zuniga (1983-2014) explores the subconscious life of late capitalism through an eerie narrative composed of highly condensed and sublimated scenes of frustration, fear, flirtation and epiphany, interspersed with similarly condensed dream journaling, poetry, and letters to friends from the period of Zoom's composition. The result is a work that folds in on itself hermetically, a re-imaged catechism of obscure, recurring subjectivities, apocalyptic visions, and cryptic pronouncements, despite its almost exclusive use of high gloss, everyday print materials and corporate slogans. This work was created over a period of months in 2010-2011. Zuniga is from Sparta, NJ.

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