Robert Leib, "Triptychs: Altarpieces for a Future American Religion" (continuing, begun 2017) collage/polymer transfer/acrylic

Panel I (complete)

Panel II (complete)

Panel III (complete): "The Final Judgment"

Panel V (complete)

Panel VIII

Caption: "Rodin drew upon it for his Thinker for the Gate of Hell. This personage, isolated against the background of the cloudy sky and nailed to his demoniacal base which is formed by the devils who cling to him, is worthy of the fertile imagination of Dante and is one of the figures whom Michelangelo assigned a protagonist's role. The artist did this, not because the figure represented a person recognizable in historic reality or legend, but because it attained a symbolic value of the passions and feelings with which it was invested."

Panel IX: "A Genealogy of Liberty I" 

Top Left Caption: "Allegorical picture by Fulton was called Cruelty Presiding over the Slave Ship. While in Paris he painted a picture called The Burning of Moscow, which sold for $1,000."

Panel X: "A Genealogy of Liberty II"

Left Caption: "The Statue of Liberty had not been finished by 1876, but the French Sculptors completed the hand, sent it on ahead."

Right Caption: "The hand arrived safely on time at Philadelphia, and was set up at the fair where it became a major attaction."

Panel XI (complete)

Panel XI (complete)